Wednesday, July 17, 2013

(un)Completed Poem

I wake up to the Sun Shining in all its Splendour
Sending Golden rays through to my (amazed) eyes
I think to myself;surely,this alone is worth waking up for
This quintessence of God's Arts so fine,so nice

Then I think of you;my love,Queen of my Heart
And I know that the Sun would blush with Envy and Shame
Were it to be compared with thee,Sweetheart
And be as a burned out candle,beside thy Flame

I had planned for this Poem to be longer than it is now but I was absent from my PC for a long Period and lost the Train of Thought... kinda seems completed tho,so...


  1. Wow, I really liked this! I thought there was great imagery., especially with the sun rays. I agree, sometimes a piece of work just feels complete even though it might not be that long! Check out my creative writing blog -

  2. was really impressed with this piece. am a fellow blogger and poet/writer. although so far i havent blogged any literature yet, but i have plans to. but now am just tryna raise awareness for my blog. feel free to check it whenevr.