Monday, November 21, 2011

        yeah,CAI,though you would probably recognise it more as KAI!!!,in this context meaning Campaign Against Indiscipline.In Nigeria today,a lot of the problems we face are either direct or Indirect results of Indiscipline. Consider,right at the top,our leaders embezzle indiscriminately,misappropriating billions of dollars in public funds on personal extravagances,I mean,if you see Igbenedion's house(or palace) eh,my brother,you will not beleive that it's in the same Nigeria where people live on  far less than 100 naira each day(most people use $1 but this is far more personal for me than that). I mean why do such a thing if you aren't a selfish,greedy villian,would you even consider such a thing?
          A little bit down the ladder,civil servants offer their services to the highest bidder,in exams,teachers aid students for measly,insulting sums,I wrote the GCE exams recently and I saw invigilators being paid 300naira to allow blatant cheating by students,Town planning officials are payed likewise measly amounts to falsify records and permit illegal and ultimately detrimental building plans to go through,later,these same officials sanction the demolition of building that honest but mislead citizens sweated blood to acquire.Policemen,oh!policemen,isn't it the height of shameless indiscipline that after all that has been said on the matter,Nigerian policemen still stoop so low as to continue collecting bribes of 20 or 50 naira from gullible motorists,you know what?if i were a policeman and even wanted to collect bribes,I won't be collecting 50 naira...KAI!!!
         Some way down the road,we come across the ordinary citizen,down to each and everyone who knows what should be done and does not do it,who knows what should not be done and does it,we all  have played a part in steering Nigeria towards this dangerous path on which we find ourselves.but you and I,teenagers and non teenagers,we can make an effort,we can do all in our power to right all these wrongs and surely we shall be succesful.
                  But all this starts in our minds,our mindset...When we start thinking like;I'm Naija and I'm proud of it,though my country is in bad times right now,I KNOW that YOU... and I... can make a Difference.

A commentary on Naija,from the most biased of views...A teenager's...Koonbey...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I started this blog a long time ago but wasnt too freaked about the concept generally until recently when I saw someone's blog; and was impressed enough to want to give mine another try...So,here I am and just like the name implies,I'm a Nigerian teenager and so I'm gonna blog about the kinda stuff that Intrests Teenagers around the world like music,movies,novels, short,fun,and about those that only apply to Nigeria like Shitty music,Shitty movies,Shitty rules at school and Shitty Short,The Naija we know and love,I know I do...and I also know that you and I,if we're determined,can make Naija a country to be ''prouder'' of...So,letz get this party started...